Welcome to Tryavna. The town is located in the Central Balkan Mountains and represents the geographic centre of Bulgaria itself. Tryavna is world-famous for its rich cultural and historic heritage, carefully preserved till present day. Most impressive is possibly the revival architecture, designed by local masters.

Tryavna is the home town of Pencho Slaveykov and Angel Kanchev. Must-see are the Daskalov’s House, the Slaveykov’s House, the Raykov’s House, the Old School, The Icon-painting Museum, the Hunchback Bridge, the Crafts’ Street, the Asian and African Art Museum and many more.

The Hunchback Bridge is one of the landmarks of Tryavna. Making your way across, you are going to be right on the Grandpa Nicholas Square (площад ” Дядо Никола”). On this square the Clock Tower is located, which is nonetheless impressive- built in 1814 with a clockwork from 1815. According to an ancient legend the local women from Tryavna had to give up wearing their traditional head jewellery- sokay. To the right of the tower the Old School building is situated, which is nowadays a museum of the Tryavna woodcarving school.

Diagonally to the Clock Tower the oldest church in Tryavna is located- The Archangel Michael- an inseparable part of the composition of the ancient square. The exact date of its construction remains unknown, but the story goes that the church had been built after a glorious victory of the kings Asen and Petar over Isaac the Second.

Don’t miss to visit the Old School Museum. The first secular school in the town of Tryavna opened on 26th October 1839. An interesting fact is that it used to be among the first schools in Bulgaria where students were taught using the monitorial system.

A stroll along the Street of Crafts, named after Petko Rachov Slaveykov, offers an amazing and unforgettable experience. All along the street is lined up with local shops, craft workshops, souvenir and present shops, leatherworking shop, candy shop, a cafeteria offering the famous local coffee brewed on hot sand and many more.

The natural ambience that perfectly matches the pretty architectural style adds to the magic charm of Tryavna. Arched bridges, revival houses, authentic atmosphere, the savour of pestil (local jam) and coffee on sand are all the trademark of Tryavna. All that must be seen and experienced personally- words are weak to be described!

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