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The Finnish sauna is a traditional, effective and safe way for removing body toxins through sweating. Due to its high, but bearable temperature ( usually between 80 up to 100 °C), the Finnish sauna increases body temperature, which stimulates the sweat glands and results in deep sweating. The sweat consists of 99% water, but the remaining 1% contains some seriously undesirable toxins such as nickel, copper, lead, sodium, mercury and a variety of chemicals. Sauna sweating can also help you remove the chlorine and bromine that are usually found in swimming pools and hot tubs.


The infrared sauna is an effective means of natural healing and prevention of medical issues. The infrared light has the ability to penetrate into human body tissue, which is beneficial to our health in numerous ways. In this type of sauna the room is heated through infrared light, as the name itself suggests. These are built in specialized units and reach temperature of 40 to 60 °C. It is preferable if you are just now getting familiar with sauna usage in general. The infrared light does not heat the room itself, but rather has an effect directly on the skin. The beams penetrate 2 to 7 cm deep and do not affect people with heart issues or high blood pressure.

Steam Bath

The steam bath is a general procedure that has a heating effect on the entire body. The main therapeutic factor is the fog-like water steam, that heats the room up to temperature between 40-50 °С  and produces very high humidity. The steam bath is an outstanding therapy for recharging energy, cleansing the body, boosting the immune system and reducing body weight. The main purpose of the therapy is relaxation, easing of some medical conditions, detoxication or as a part of other beauty procedures. The hot steam intensifies the blood circulation, stimulates the heart and lung function, improves the metabolism and eases pain. When combined with a massage it is perfect for stimulation of the muscles and joints. In case of stress, fatigue and busy lifestyle the steam bath procedures prove to be simply irreplaceable!

Salt Room

The salt rooms offers halotherapy in a controlled environment through most contemporary technology that recreates the microclimate of the natural salt caves. In the salt room micro particles of special pharmaceutical salt are dispersed that contains 99,95% NaCl. These fine particles pure salt are easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. One session in the salt room ( 40 min.) equals 4 hours walk through a pine forest.

The salt therapy boosts the immune system and increases body tonus. It has a positive impact on different medical conditions- respiratory diseases, sinusitis, seasonal allergies, hay fever, flu and virus infections, chronic otitis, different skin diseases- atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, allergies, diseases of the nerve system- neurosis, stress, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, disfunctions of the vegetative nerve system, insomnia. The usage of salt room is also a great procedure for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Finnish sauna 45 min 10 BGN/person
Infrared cabin 45 min 10 BGN/person
Hydro-massage Turbojet Tub 30 min 10 BGN per person
(min. 2 persons)
20 BGN for single use
Steam Bath – single use 45 min 20 BGN / 1 person
30 BGN / 2 persons
36 BGN / 3 persons
40 BGN / 4 persons
Salt Room (adults) 20 min
40 min
10 BGN per person
15 BGN per person
Salt Room (children) 20 min 7 BGN per child

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Relax CentreMassage Studios

Get rid of the stress, overcome fatigue and recharge with vital energy by indulging yourself into the magic of body massage in the warm and safe hands of our professional masseurs.


Body therapies Duration Price
Classic massage 45 min/25 min 69 BGN/45 BGN
Healing massage 45 min/25 min 69 BGN/45 BGN
Aromatherapy relaxing massage 45 min/25 min 80 BGN/50 BGN
Head, massage collar 20 min 40 BGN
Hot volcano stones massage 60 min 80 BGN
Sports massage 40 min 59 BGN
Feet reflex therapy 25 min 45 BGN
SPA Therapy “Chocolate Magic” 45 min 80 BGN
“Heavy Feet” Therapy 30 min 49 BGN
“Kalina Beauty” Aromatherapy 60 min 90 BGN
Cosmetic massage of face, neck and neckline 30 min 45 BGN

Special Discounts

4 massages – 10 %
8 massages – 20%
For every massage- special price for Finnish and infrared sauna -5BNG/per person

For every massage you get special price for Finnish sauna, Infrared cabin or steam bath -5BNG/per person.
For every full body massage you get 20min free on a tourmaline massage bed.

Energy Recharge RELAX PACKAGE
We offer you a refreshing therapy, which is going to awaken your senses and revitalise your body. Gift yourself good health and body tonus with our revitalaising therapy that focuses on boosting the immune system.
Our special package priced 55.00BGN includes:

Hydro massage turbojet tub – 20min
Partial relaxing aromatherapy massage or partial relaxing massage with natural Bulgarian oils – 25min
Tourmaline massage bed – 20min
Salt room – 20min

Body & Soul Harmony RELAX PACKAGE
Health and beauty come from within! Free yourself from stress and relieve the pressure accumulated! Gift yourself the care you need! Our special package priced 35.00BGN includes:

Steam bath – 20min
Sauna – 20min (Finnish sauna or infrared cabin)
Hydro massage turbojet tub – 20min
Tourmaline massage bed – 20min
Salt room – 20min


The tourmaline massage bed is used for prevention, rejuvenation and healing of the body as a system. Its effect is based on three of the principle of the ancient medical philosophy of the Far East:  reflexology, acupressure and heating. The tourmaline (also known as jetstone) has a healing influence on the nerve system, reduces fatigue and helps the recovery of vital energy.

Duration Price
20 minutes 5 BGN
40 minutes 8 BGN

If you book a full body massage you receive 20min free on the tourmaline bed!

Relax CentreHairdresser

Service Price
Men’s  haircut 10.00 BGN
Lady’s  haircut, hairdryer 20.00 BGN
Lady’s  haircut, hairdryer and hair press/ curling-irons 30.00 BGN
Washing and hairdryer/curling-irons 15.00 BGN
Washing and hair press/curling-irons 20.00 BGN
Dyeing with customer’s hair dye 30.00 BGN
Hairstyle with curling with curling-iron or hair press 20.00 BGN
Formal hairstyle/Bridal hairstyle 35.00 BGN

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