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Feb 6, 2020

As previously promised in our first article for our guests in June, today we are going to take you along on a walk with us around Tryavna and the Balkan Mountains through the eyes of the second group of travel bloggers, who visited us in September.

With only a few days before the start of the new school year for the children, a group of lovely, smiley and merry travelers visited our picturesque town and together we have spent several days full of adventures.
Amongst our travelers were Boryana Krusteva –, Veneta Nikolova –, Jorja de Marki –, Lilyana Uzunova –, Krasimira Ilieva and Antoan Zahariev –
For them, as well, along with our friends from Travel Plus we had prepared and interesting program that got a very warm welcome from the participants in this part of the bloggers’ trip.

We would like to share a photo along with a few words and a link to the articles to the bloggers who were our guests in the middle of September.

Unexpected surprises, a cycling tour and craft beer in Tryavna

Boryana:  „I’m really happy to share with you the story of my adventurous weekend in the little mountain village that was full of surprises, exciting experiences and lovely company. Our polite hosts from the Kalina Palace hotel have taken care of it all!”

To the article:изненади-колела-и-бира-в-трявна/

Tryavna shines with thousands of suns

Veneta: „It a pleasure to roam around Tryavna. Here everything is clean, neat and tidy. A colorful string of tiny craft shops, hand-made souvenir shops and art galleries are cuddling one next to the other. Woodcarving, weaving, smiting, jewelry, icon painting, pottery- you can find a representative of almost every single local craft here.“

To the article:трявна-грее-с-хиляди-сияйни-слънца/

Tryavna- a stroll through a picturesque revival town

Jorja: „The view over the town from above, the main square with the famous clock tower, the Hunchback Bridge and the tiny cobbled streets amongst which the Old Crafts’ street- all these images make an unforgettable impression to the visitors of the revival town.”

Tothe article:

Along the cobbled stone streets of Tryavna

Lilyana: „A town, soaked with history and the scent of coffe, brewed on hot sand, Tryavna offers us a stroll back in the time of the Revival along the preserved authentic cobbled stone streets.”

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Tryavna- an inspiration from the Balkans

Krasimira and Antoan: „We visited the town in the last days of summer when the hills of the mountain were still covered in lush vegetation and the fresh mornings and chilly evenings were adding to the charm and homely feeling of the place. We stayed at the charming Kalina Palace hotel, situated high above the town and our hosts welcomed us with hospitable attitude, fine cuisine, interesting stories, true recreation and spiritual relax.”

To the article:трявна-вдъхновение-от-балкана/

Lovely moments captured on photos, in kind words but mostly in the memories of us all!

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