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Interesting legends related to Tryavna

May 9, 2023

Interesting legends related to Tryavna


калина палас


Legends of the establishment of the town

The first legend I will tell you about is from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

There were three brothers with royal blood (can you guess who?) who decided to build a church in honor of “St. Michael the Archangel” as a sign of gratitude to the Lord who helped them win an important battle. One of them, Kaloyan, chose Tryavna for the location of his temple. His people liked the area and the scenery, and the proximity to the then capital, so much that they decided to settle here. And that is how the town came into being.

Another theory says that when Tarnovo fell under Ottoman rule, the boyars fled and found refuge in the Balkan. One of the newly established settlements was today’s Tryavna.

The third version is the most plausible as there are historical records about it. People were offered tax breaks in exchange for guarding the Tryavna Pass. This attracted more and more people who were willing to do that, which led to their settlement in the area and the founding of the town.

Origins of the name Tryavna

There are several theories about where the name of the town comes from. Number 1 says that the culprit is the lush grass that grows in the Balkan.

According to another theory, the name is due to a type of beehives (thorns) that were scattered throughout the area.

The third is entirely related to its location at the time – from “trans – vein”, meaning pass beyond.

There is something else curious, which was rather the nickname of the town during its heyday. Neighbors began to enviously call it Alton Tryavna, translated as Golden Tryavna, which still suits it today (in my opinion). In this connection – the Kardzhalii burned it down several times, but the town was rebuilt again.

The Legend of the Love Fountain

One of the most interesting legends of Tryavna is related to the marble fountain in the town, better known as the love fountain.

The legend tells of the most beautiful maiden of Tryavna and her lover, a young carver, who was not recognized as such by the local gentry. This did not give him the courage to ask for the hand of the beauty, so he decided to prove himself by creating a fountain from the most complicated material to work – marble.

With a lot of effort and sweat, the young man coped with the task and sculpted a beautiful fountain, which sealed the image of the maiden. He could now and asked for her hand.

According to legend, this fountain has never run dry, and whoever sips from its water takes a sip of the eternal love of the two lovers.

A sacrifice for the Clock Tower – the city’s emblem

Surely each of you has seen or heard of the Clock Tower – one of the emblems of the city.

There is a legend connected with its construction. It is said that in order to get the building permit, the Tryavna women had to make a sacrifice with their looks, and we all know how difficult that is!

The girls had to give up a traditional adornment, the sokai, which they wore and it resembled a royal tiara. Well, the result was worth it, as for over 200 years the Clock Tower has graced their hometown.

The legend of a bet or the bet that became a legend

The Daskalovata House is another must-stop in Tryavna and there are curious facts around it too.

A legendary contest was held there, famous for the bet between Master Dimitar Oshanetsa and his assistant Ivan Bochukovetsa – who would make a more beautiful carved ceiling. For 6 months the two worked in adjoining rooms, one of the conditions being that they did not know what the other was doing.

The results were stunning – unique suns shining from the ceilings. Master Dimitar was chosen as the winner, but his assistant Ivan was too – he won the title of master and the hand of the owner’s daughter.

and the hand of the owner’s daughter.

And have you heard other legends about Tryavna?

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