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Oct 3, 2019

The summer has just arrived! And even sunnier and warmer weather is now to come along with vacations, holidays, time for relaxation and activities.

If you have not planned anything yet we openly suggest what you can do if you happen to come by Tryavna and the region. The expert event organizers from Travel Plus have prepared for you a great variety of opportunities for all customers and tastes. You could learn how to kayak, you will have the opportunity to get to know Tryavna’s little secrets, a selection of cycling tours with various length and difficulty, you can enjoy delicious tastings of the traditional local cuisine, herbal tea, craft beer and much more. And what about a lesson in orienteering, a hiking tour through the Balkan Mountains, a visit to Gabrovo and its places of interest? But let’s not give it all away!

Габрово плюс

This schedule is optional. It is possible for the events to be organized for a different day or starting time, as well as private or custom made activities and visits on request.

Travel Plus offers both one-day activities, as well as organized adventures for a couple of days for all our customers. More about the periods and the nature of the longer events you can find here.

Габрово плюс

Welcome to Tryavna and indulge into a different summer full of adventures.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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