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Oct 3, 2019

We dedicate this article to a great event that is going to once again take place in the heart of the Balkans this year- Tryavna Ultra. As we have already shared on numerous occasions, Tryavna is an amazingly appealing place for both relaxations, as well as for various sport activities.
Tryavna is not a randomly chosen destination, being one of the most attractive and charming towns in Bulgaria, a favorite spot of the fans of tourism and nature, tasty cuisine and mountain tranquility.

Трявна Ултра 2018

Tryavna Ultra 2018

If you are fans of sports and competitive spirit and emotion, you have the opportunity to take part in this adventure and enjoy the picturesque Balkan nature, architectural masterpieces, places of interest and sights. You are going to make your way through different terrain- you are going to cross forests, fields, incredible places and experience unique emotions.

Трявна Ултра

The views along the route are breathtaking…

If you take part in the long distance route, then you are going to make your way through the architectural park Bozhentsi, trough some very beautiful forest areas, trough the Balgarka ( Bulgarian Lady) eco-park, through three municipalities and ten picturesque little villages.
There are 4 different distances you can choose from at the Tryavna Ultra: 141km, 76km, 42km and 23km, while all beginners, children, amateurs and tourists are going to have the opportunity to participate in a free run on a short distance of 3km with the same start and finish line.
Besides the pure emotion of the race, the event organizers from iRun and Gabrovo Plusса have put a lot of effort into providing their guests with a great variety of interesting side events. There are many different and exciting events that are going to show a whole different perspective of Tryavna, Bozhentsi, Balgarka Natural Park. Get ready for endless surprises and culinary discoveries.

Tryavna Ultra

The photos are a must

We are going to briefly shed a light on part of the side event schedule that accompanies the main Tryavna Ultra 2019 event that includes:

„Kayak trough a mini sea” 11.07.

A true adventure of several hours in the aquatory of the Alexandar Stamboliiski dam. After a short instruction no matter if you are amateurs or professionals willing to take a seat in the two-seater kayak you are going to take off on an adventure. There are going to be a few breaks, as well- for a short rest or for photos upon meeting representatives of the local flora and fauna.

A biking and hiking adventure with a tasty brunch in Bozhentsi 12.07.

The active part of this sports and culinary adventure includes 8km hiking and 15km biking. At least a minimal experience in off-road biking is recommendable. The route includes a variety of terrain, passing trough fields and forests with mild ups and downs. There are photo breaks included on the most picturesque spots that are going to be accompanied by interesting tales of the history of this area.
The tasty part of this adventure comes as a brunch, however the menu is a well kept secret- a short journey into the culinary traditions of the Balkans.

A train and hiking expedition- a light hiking tour 14.07.

During this expedition ”you are going to have the opportunity to take on a light profile hike and length of 15km up to one of the most spectacular panoramic view points in this part of the Balkan Mountains. The train ride through the mountain comes as an extra attraction. The starting hour is 9.30a.m. Most of the tour is going to take you through the Balgarka (Bulgarian Lady) Natural Park.

Further information regarding the full schedule of the side events you can find on the official page of Tryavna Ultra.
We would like to remind everyone, who is considering joining the Tryavna Ultra 2019 adventure, that the deadline for registration with an early booking fee reduction is 20.05 (inclusive).

We from the Kalina Palace Hotel are looking forward to you being our guests!
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