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Feb 6, 2020

During the past summer and fall we have had the pleasure to host two groups of travel bloggers that we spend several memorable days with.
Young, positive and curious to rediscover Tryavna and the region all of them have shared their experience staying in the Kalina Palace Hotel and enjoying the specially prepared sightseeing and entertainment program, lead by Lucho.

On an adventure hunt

The first group of enthusiastic travelers amongst whom Yulia Vukova–, Panayot Tolev and his family –, Stanislava Encheva –, Alexander Aleksiev –, Ivelina Piralkova–, Todor Bozhinov –, Nadezhda Serafimova –, were our guests in the heat of the summer in the end of June.
Today we would like to share with you their stories of their experience as we hope to help you indulge in the amazing atmosphere we all created together.

Adventurous weekend in Tryavna

Yulia- “Special thanks to the Kalina Palace Hotel and Travel Plus for the excellent arrangements, personal attitude and the attention to every detail, as well as for the amazing hospitality!”

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Magical Tryavna. My Tryavna story

Alexander – “After a lengthy drive with some ice company I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful welcome in one of the hotel restaurants where the dishes and their presentation exceeded my expectations. That was the place where I first met all the merry travel bloggers and got to know the hotel staff who has initiated this event.”

A trip to reveal the hidden attractions of Tryavna

Panayot – “We knew right from the start that this time the excursion in Tryavna is going to be way different for us. No planning and no hassle whatsoever! We have let our friends arrange it all for us and for the first time in quite a while we were about to relax and go with the flow.”

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Sights in Tryavna and activity ideas in Tryavna

Stanislava: If one is to visit Tryavna for 2 days or more, they will possibly need ideas for interesting activities in the region, as well. To our aid come the cool party from Gabrovo Plus, who offer different experiences as organized group tours in the vicinity of the town, the Gabrovo Balkans, Bulgarka Natural Park and a lot more. Our travel experience with them included a hiking tour in the Tryavna Balkan and a cycling trip on the way back.”

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Why say YES to Tryavna

Ivelina: “Cuddled in the greed hugs of the Balkan Mountains, peacefully lies the picturesque revival town of Tryavna. It welcomes you warmly with its traditional Bulgarian atmosphere, making you feel cozy just like home. The charming cobbled streets, the revival architectural style and the inviting local traditions make you fall in love from first sight.”

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6 things to do around Tryavna, an enchanting corner of quintessential Bulgaria

Todor: „Be it exploring the Balkan outdoors or treating yourself to a tranquil spa holiday, kashkaval tourist presents 6 things to do around Tryavna, an enchanting corner of quintessential Bulgaria.“

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Visiting our favorite Tryavna

Nadezhda: “It’s not for the first time that I share my favorite Tryavna enthusiastically. This tiny mountainous town is really special to me because it’s located in proximity to my home-town Gabrovo and is right the very centre of Bulgaria, as well. I have been time dozens of times, each evoking new exciting emotions and yet I could go back there over and over again.”

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It’s always an interesting experience to take a look to a certain place from the different perspective of several people. We would like to sincerely thank all the participants who have accepted our invitation to be our guests here at the Kalina Palace Hotel, Tryavna.
If you feel like visiting Tryavna and the region, as well, you are more than welcome to stay with us!

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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