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“The walls of courage”- Trayvan and Plachkovtsi

May 9, 2023

Today we decided to tell you about two places not so popular with tourists. One is in the town of Tryavna and the other is in the town of Plachkovtsi. What unites them, you may ask? “The walls of courage” we will answer you.

It is worth taking the time to visit the only memorial of its kind, paying tribute to those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria, erected in Tryavna in the form of a cromlech – a stone circle, a memorial ritual complex paying tribute to the warriors who died in the name of the homeland and the one in Plachkovtsi in the form of an open book, composed of six slabs of black granite.

Стена на храбростта

On the eve of the 143rd anniversary of the outbreak of the April Uprising, in the town of Tryavna and the town of Plachkovtsi on 19.04.2019, the two memorials “Wall of Courage” were opened. There are inscribed the names of the heroes who died for Bulgaria and were born on the territory of Tryavna municipality.


The memorial in Plachkovtsi was built on the initiative of the residents of the town, the Union of Military Disabled Cooperatives, the Union of Reserve Officers and Sergeants. On the six granite slabs are inscribed 121 names of the Bulgarian servicemen who died in the six wars in which the Third Bulgarian State participated. The monument was erected with the free labour of citizens and local patriots. From the archives of all the villages that existed in the past and currently in the region of Tryavna, the names of the heroes of the region who paid with their lives for the freedom of the Fatherland have been retrieved.

In Tryavna the known and unknown heroes of the wars are immortalized on large marble slabs forming the so-called “Wall of Courage”. In the middle of the memorial for eternity will burn the “eternal flame” in memory of the Bulgarian servicemen who died in the six wars. The so-called “Wall of Courage” is the idea of Boris Nikolov – chairman of the Union of Military Disabled Cooperatives in Bulgaria and chairman of the coordinating council of military-patriotic organizations under the initiative “One child’s tear – one prayer”.

Two places that prove the patriotic spirit of our region, the memory and respect we have for our ancestors who gave their lives in the name of Bulgaria is still alive.

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