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The Hotalich Fortress by Sevlievo

Nov 28, 2018

An intriguing place to visit is the Hotalich Fortress next to the town of Sevlievo. Only 4km away from the town and 55km away from the Kalina Palace Hotel, the Hotalich Fortress is one of the best preserved and exhibited archaeological sites in Bulgaria. The excavations here began in the late 70’s of 20th C. and are still in progress nowadays. During the recent years the medieval town is being researched and exhibited using EU funds.

Since ancient antiquity the geographic and strategic location of the area has been highly appreciated. As far as 5th C the first solid fortress here was built, guarding the passage to the Balkan mountains from the constant Barbarian attacks from the North. A few centuries later a large Bulgarian city had been built on this location, bearing the interesting name Hotel. The town managed to survive through the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, when an inner city (citadel) and outer city (suburb)  with 4 residential quarters have been formed. During the Ottoman domination the region has been declared an administrative centre of the Hotalich district, the name of which is supposed to have been delivered from the name of the medieval Bulgarian town Hotel.

You are definitely going to enjoy a walk along the cobbled stone streets. You can take a peek into the Noble Church in the Citadel, you will visit some of the preserved towers along the fortress wall, and if you dispose of enough time, you can take a stroll through the numerous excavated residential buildings in the suburbs of the fortress. In the several especially built houses you can get yourself familiar with the history of the fortress and the stages of its research.

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