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Oct 3, 2019

Tryavna is not just another town with history and traditions. Tryavna is a place that combines Revival spirit, crystal clear air, various opportunities for relaxation and tourism with a variety of interesting attractions, which are going to enrich your visit to Tryavna. After you finish your tour around the town, taste the specialties of the traditional Tryavna cuisine, enjoy a sip of freshly brewed coffee on sand, you can make your way to the attractions of the town of Tryavna, presented in some of the most visited places here.
We, from the Kalina Palace Hotel, have prepared this article and selected several attractions that we believe you are going to find interesting and would make great impression to remember from your visit from your visit in our beautiful town.


One of the places that we strongly recommend you to visit is the Slaveykov’s house. It was built in 1850, when Petko Slaveykov was invited over to teach in Tryavna and establishes the first secular school in the region. More about Petko and Pencho Slaveikovi you can find out on spot in the museum house by the lovely and helpful curators.


The Interior of Slaveykov’s House

The visitors of the Slaveykov’s house are strongly impressed by the Lover’s Chest. Anyone, who is above 18 years of age (and that is the only requirement), has the opportunity to write their love message in rhyme or not on a special numbered scroll. All the messages are kept in the chest until 14th February on the following year, when three winners will be randomly drawn to win a special prize. Within one month (15th February- 15th March) anyone from the recipients of the love messages has the opportunity to visit the house and receive a word of love from their beloved one!

Трявна забележителности

Petko R. Slaveykov and Pencho Slaveykov

A unique present for everyone who is in love and enjoys the small moments in life that warm your heart and soul.
50 Petko R. Slaveykov Str.
Days off: Monday and Tuesday


One of the places in Tryavna where you have opportunity to get familiar with the unique art pieces of the Tryavna Woodcarving School is the Daskalov’s house. It was built by the two sons of Hadzhi Hristo Daskalov. Here on St. George’s Day 1808 a bet was made by a master and apprentice whose wood carved sun ceiling was going to be more beautiful. Here also the single museum of the woodcarving in Bulgaria has been established.

Калина Палас, Трявна

Daskalov’s House

If you take the challenge and decide to solve the years long dilemma which of the two suns is better, you are going to have to be fast and clever. That’s what’s necessary in order to arrange the two “Sun Puzzles” that represent the two carved suns- the sun of May of the master Dimitar Oshanetsa and the sun of July of the apprentice Ivan Bochukovetsa. If you are visiting the place with friends, you have the chance to compete in teams or just sit along and take your time together to enjoy the puzzle solving whilst you see the two suns rising in front of you. The museum disposes of 4 puzzles sized 60 x 60 cm.

Калина Палас, Трявна

The May Sun by Master Dimitar Oshanetsa

And how about some painting on ivy leaves? That’s one more of the activities offered in the Daskalov’s house. Once upon a time the people of Tryavna used to compete with the citizens of Gabrovo by painting the tiny ivy leaves like real icon painters and presenting them to their wives to wear in their hair in order to be prettier than the Gabrovo women. A special thought was given to those who wanted to enjoy an evening in the Daskalov’s house. A special evening visit can be organised to the museum house on request, when you are going to be presented with those special ivy leaves, you are going to have the change to taste some traditional local bread and the special local rakia. And on condition you feel like dancing, that has been taken into consideration, as well. But let’s not spoil all the surprises!
27A Petko R. Slaveykov Str.
Phone: 0677/6-21-66
Every day from 9.00 till 17.00


If you have enjoyed solving a puzzle and you would like to give it another go, then make sure to visit the birth house of Angel Kanchev. Every visitor has the chance to solve a puzzle with the image of the famous revolutionary, which of course requires some patience and persistence. The museum disposes of 2 large puzzles (50x70cm).

Калина Палас, Трявна

Angel Kanchev’s House

The house of Angel Kanchev was built in the beginning of 19th C. Here is where he has spend his childhood years. After that his family moved to the town of Ruse, which broadens the high-quality educational perspective, which however he neglects in favour of his dedication to the fight for liberation of his land. Even Vasil Levski notices his devotion in the secret revolution affairs. Unfortunately, the his passion for the revolution burnt him far too young- at the age of 22 years on 5th March 1827 Angel Kanchev commits a suicide.

Калина Палас, Трявна

An image of Angel Kanchev

39 Angel Kanchev Str.
Operated by the Museum of Asian and African Art
Days off: Monday and Tuesday


It’s impossible to be in Tryavna and miss to visit the Slaveykov School. It’s one of the first secular schools in Bulgaria. That’s where Petko Slaveykov was first invited as a teacher. Slaveykov made a number of changes such as introducing new subjects such as music, arts and sports. Nowadays in the building of the Old School, also known as Slaveykov‘s School, a few different expositions are hosted: a reconstruction of a class room of the monitorial system school, where everyone can go back a couple of centuries in time and try to write with only your fingers on a sand board, just like they used to teach the children in the old days, or you can give reading a go using the old monitorial tables and get familiar with the strict order in class and the high demands towards the students in the revival schools, or you can even receive an achievement’s order and take one as a memorabilia to bring back home.

Старото школо

The Yard of the Old School, Tryavna

Another attraction of great interest to the visitors offers the opportunity to master the art of wood carving. The museum offers wood carving classes, more information about which you can find in the website of Tryavna, as well as in the museum itself.
Here you can also visit an exposition of old clocks, amongst which you can find a reverse clock mechanism, a clock tower mechanism, a gravity clock, as well as a documentary exposition, tracing the scholarship in Tryavna back in time.

Старото школо, Трявна

In the Classroom

And if you are in for a wedding ceremony or just a special wedding photo shoot in authentic revival ambience, you’ve come to the right place. For a wedding ceremony you have a choice between the Museum of the Tryavna Icon Painting School, the Daskalov’s House, the Raykov’s House or the yard of the Old School. It all up to you, but of course you need to book in advance.
7 Captain Dyado Nikola Sq.
(the Clock Tower Square)
Mobile: 0899 705 045
Every day from 9.00 till 17.00


Built in the middle of the 19th C, the Raykov’s house is a typical example of the Tryavna architectural style. In 1846 the Tryavna merchant Nikola Raykov entrusted the construction of his new mansion to the best local master builder of his time- Dimitar Sergyov. Till present day one can see the original inscription on one of the pillars: “1846 hereby on 12 February we begin today”. The exposition of the Raykov’s house presents the daily life and interior of the Tryavna family of the late 19th- beginning of the 20th C. Here you can actually see the first bed imported to Tryavna, as well as furniture of the city type house.
The attractions offered in the house from May till September are weaving on a small loom, appliquéd ornamenting or dyeing of a traditional female folklore clothing or a female city outfit. Here evening visits can be organised on request, as well. Those include a special treat with local jam and liquor.
1 Prof. Pencho Raykov Str.
Operated by the Old School Museum
Days off: Monday and Tuesday


That is a very intriguing museum that exhibits part of the donation of the Bulgarian sculptor Zlatko Paunov. Here there are more than 200 exhibits displayed- from the East: Nepal, China, India, as well as exhibits from a few African countries. You can see a number of statuettes of Hindu deities, Buddhist cult objects, African masks, etc.

Калина Палас

Museum of Asian and African Art, Tryavna

If you would like to fully indulge yourself in the ambience of a world less known in Bulgaria, then make sure to visit the Relaxation Area, where in a well arranged hall you can thoroughly relax listening to quiet pleasant music as a background.
1 Ivan Slaveykov Str.
Phone: 0677 623 89
Days off: Monday and Tuesday
We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed our selection of attractions and have already made up your mind as to what you would like to see and experience after you have already thoroughly explored the town itself, of course.
P.S. The photos used are a credit to the, where you can find further information for both the presented sights, as well as for other sights in and around Tryavna.

Have a most enjoyable time visiting Tryavna!
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